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Oven switch , include oven button switch , oven timer ,oven thermostat, oven rotary switch etc , they are widely used in oven, gas stove,microwave oven and other kitchen appliance , home electric appliances, electro-heat installation, refrigeration industry.
The rocker switch include KCD1 rocker switch, KCD2 rocker switch, KCD3 rocker switch, KCD4 rocker switch ,KCD5 rocker switch , waterproof rocker switch ,with illuminated type and non-illuminated type , on -off , on-off-on , and momentary type , the rocker switch are widely used in household appliances , electric force, telecommunications, machine tool, vessel, textile, printing, Mining machine, Music Instrument, hair dryer , automobile etc.
The push button switch include flashlight button switch , illuminated push button switch , key press push button switch , latching push button switch , metal push button switch ,plastic push button switch , momentary push button switch ,power key press switch , waterproof push button switch ,They are widely used in home electric appliances, electric force, telecommunications, machine tool, vessel, textile, printing, Mini machine, Music Instrument, automobile etc.
The toggle switch include SMTS toggle switch , MTS medium toggle switch,KN3(B) / KN3(C) big toggle switch , auto toggle switch , waterproof toggle switch etc. With on-on , on -off . On-off-on and momentary type , it can be matched with the waterproof , also have illuminated toggle switch, and the rating 1A/ 2A/3A/4A/5A/6A/10A/15A/20A 250V AC, they are widely used for home appliances and electronic equipment , such as the packing machine , testing equipment , industrial bake oven ,automobile; vehicle; car , yacht,steamship etc.
The micro switch include KW11 1A /3Amini micro switch , 3A/5Amedium micro switch , 16A /20A micro switch ,DS micro switch and waterproof micro switch ,they are Widely used in home appliance, electronic equipment,automatic machine,communication equipment,car electric,apparatus and instrument,electron motion tool , micro oven etc.
The rotary switch include round rotary switch ,square rotary switch, oven rotary switch , from 2 positions to 12 positions , all can be made ,16A high rating ,and they are widely used for gear switching of mini type household appliances, juicers, food processor , meat grinder, electronic instruments, Garment Steamer , heating apparatus , microwave oven,electric oven,automatic machine controllers, electrical gardening engines, household appliances and electronic toys, etc. 
the power socket include the AC power socket and DC socket , they are widely used in lab equipment, medical devices, fitness equipment, industrial automation equipment, etc. Some socket types matched with the fuse and switch , the rating include 10A /15 A 250V AC .
The auto switch include power window switch , toggle switch ,  rocker switch , start switch , tension switch , door control switch ,fog lamp switch etc , they are widely used the sedan, trucks , bus , tank ,model airplane ,launch, boat etc.
the slide switch include the SS slide switch and SK slide switch , they are widely used to:
1.Audio Products:MP3,MP4,DVD. Audio;  
2.Digital Products: digital camera, digital video and so on;  
3.Remote Control: the remote control of automobile domestic security products;  
4.Communication Products: mobile phone, vehicle-mounted phone, telephone set, building equipment, PDA and so on;
5.home appliance : hair dryer , vacuum cleaner,  Electric mop etc.
the other products include the FPC connectors , overload protector , pilot lamp , potentiometer , switch knobs etc . 

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